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The Garden at Sofitel Sentosa
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The Garden at Sofitel Sentosa

SGD$ 5,000 rent/day

Located in an elegantly conserved building beside So SPA, The Garden is a lofty restaurant characterized by charming floor to ceiling windows that allow guests to enjoy views of lush forests bathed in sunlight. The skilled culinary group behind So SPA throws together nutritious culinary joys which incorporate luscious meats sourced morally and redid plates of mixed greens. Appreciate inside the agreeable insides as you watch the culinary specialists at work behind open kitchens or enjoy a solid devour by the spa's pool in the in the open air plant.

Pick up Location : 2 Bukit Manis Road, Sentosa, Hotel Sofitel So Sentosa, Singapore 099891

Contact Information
Contact person: Venuerific
Phone no.: 65-6708-8310
E-Mail: support@venuerific.com
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