| | | Step2 Waterwheel Activity Play Table (Indoors Only) For Rent
Step2 Waterwheel Activity Play Table (Indoors Only) For Rent
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Step2 Waterwheel Activity Play Table (Indoors Only) For Rent

SGD$ 19 rent/week

Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table (Indoors Only): Falling water conveys intelligent energy to recess. The Water Wheel play table incorporates vessels, a waterwheel, and a container for pouring, all in a hoisted outline that keeps kids as perfect as could be expected under the circumstances while as yet promising innovative water play. The falling water activity from this Waterwheel Play Table supports imaginative investigation with circumstances and end results learning. This innovative water play focus empowers hours of open air fun. Empty water into the wide channel, and enact the water wheel which then spills into the inward and external harbors. A raised plan keeps water at baby level and furthermore keeps ground soil clear of water and mud from framing on youngsters s feet. It suits up to three kids to support assemble play. Two implicit deplete plugs take into account simple water evacuation.

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