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Sound Devices MixPre-D for rent
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Sound Devices MixPre-D for rent

SGD$ 86 rent/week

The MixPre-D is a compact, high-performance carriage able audio mixer from Sound Devices. It’s powered by alone two-AA batteries, yet provides adjustable connectivity for ambitious audio professionals. It allows users to affix and mix college affection microphones to DSLRs for in-camera audio recording, as able-bodied as achievement audio to an alien recorder. At the affection of the MixPre-D are two studio-grade mic/line inputs with accessible limiters, high-pass filters and apparition power. Inputs can be affiliated in accepted or MS approach for stereo recording applications. All of these ascribe functions are configured with advanced console controls.

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Contact person: Lens 4 Lease
Phone no.: (+65) 9856 7072
E-Mail: lensfor.lease@aol.com
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