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SYM Joymax300 For Rent
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SYM Joymax300 For Rent

SGD$ 60 rent/day
SGD$ 300 rent/week
SGD$ 600 rent/month

The pleasant midi-scooters made in Taiwan is a product that looks good, although very much in line with modern styles sportiveggianti typical of the category. The plastics are fairly well matched, and very satisfactory general polish. however perfectible is the optical quality of the plexiglass, with which, however, only the lowest of stature will have to do, since normally the gaze is well above the upper edge.

Pick up Location : 11 Tannery Lane, Singapore 347774

Contact Information
Contact person: Unique Motorsports Pte Ltd
Phone no.: +65-65-6292-5578
E-Mail: sales@uniquemotorsports.com.sg
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