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Rent a OSIM u-shape
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Rent a OSIM u-shape

SGD$ 15 rent/day

OSIM u-shape: The widely inclusive full-leg massager to spoil and restore tired legs following a monotonous day. Highlighting a 5-in-1 knead adjusted to oblige your legs' particular needs and throbs. 1.Enhanced Calf-Gliding with Kneading rub. The unmistakable calming agony of the Tui-Na rub, conveyed through firm and managed strokes, empowers key meridian focuses along the legs, which realize great wellbeing and prosperity, while the synchronous manipulating knead additionally increases the advantages of the back rub by discharging developed strain in the calves. 2. Wrap-around crush rub (Exclusive to uPhoria Warm) Full scope press and ply work gives the additional vibe great incitement to ease muscle throbs and strain, giving moment help to your drained legs.

Pick up Location : Singapore 531477

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