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Rent a Isaiah Yacht
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Rent a Isaiah Yacht

USD$ 275 rent/hour

Isaiah has an open upper deck with a sunbed at the front. There is abundant couch seating at the inside and at the back. She has an ace's suite and twin suite for convenience. The living region gives an exceptionally comfortable environment and a high headroom for a yacht of this size. There is likewise a protected relaxing region at the back of the yacht. This yacht is an unequivocal go to yacht for family and companions and additionally little corporate gatherings hoping to appreciate a day out that would fashion connections. Rent this yacht from $1100 for five hours.

Pick up Location : 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central, #06-21 Singapore

Contact Information
Contact person: m-Barq by Marine Bookings
Phone no.: +65-65-6808-6303
E-Mail: corporate@marinebookings.com
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