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Rent a Advan (Yamaha Stage Custom)
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Rent a Advan (Yamaha Stage Custom)

SGD$ 240 rent/day

Advan (Yamaha Stage Custom): This Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage drum set is a stone measured pack which has 12″ and 13″ mounted toms and a 16″ story tom. It has a 14″ catch drum and 22″ kick drum. The Advan drum set accompanies a couple of 14″ howdy caps, one 16″ crash cymbal and one 20″ ride cymbal. Extra cymbals are likewise accessible.

Pick up Location : 21 Toh Guan Road East Toh Guan Centre #08-29 Singapore 608609

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Contact person: musicwarehouse
Phone no.: +65-656-778-5759
E-Mail: info@musicwarehouse.com.sg
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