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Porsche Cayenne S
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Porsche Cayenne S

SGD$ 1,500 rent/day

Porsche Cayenne S Tiptronic is not afresh your run of the comminute SUV. It's all-encompassing yet gives an avant-garde and tasteful interest. This air-conditioned SUV was the capital Porsche SUV that was anytime presented.

The Porshe Cayenne S Tiptronic additionally accouter brisker accretion acceleration with a V8 motor. It is a luxuriously composed SUV ideal for everybody who crave that added amplitude for admired ones.

Generally speaking, Porsche Cayenne S Tiptronic's active attributes and avant-garde plan has kept on communicable the hearts of the individuals who admire active greater autos. It is in actuality a SUV that has allowable the bazaar as a aftereffect of its able motor and noteworthy asperous area equipment. Porsche Cayenne S Tiptronic fabricated accessible appear the new era of accelerating SUVs that can accord with the trickiest area and hardest streets.

Pick up Location : Midview City #06-51 20 Sin Ming Lane Singapore 573968

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