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Mr. Tripunithura Sreekanth Mridangam
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Mr. Tripunithura Sreekanth Mridangam

SGD$ 165 rent/month

Mr. Tripunithura Sreekanth - Mridangam: Mr. Tripunithura Sreekanth is a follower of Prof. Cherthala S Dhinesh, Govt. SST College Trivandrum and the amazing Guru Padmabushan T V Gopala Krishnan. He holds a Master's Degree with top notch from R.L.V Music College of Fine Arts, Mahatma Gandhi University. What's more he has finished the prestigious Ganabushanam (4 year) Diploma in Mridangam from a similar school. He filled in as an assistant Lecturer in SreeSankara University, Kalady for a long time and Govt. R L V College of Music and Fine Arts in Tripunithurafor six years. He has went with senior vocal craftsmen, GurujiPadmabushan T V Gopala Krishnan, Sri Aleppey Venkatesan, Sri P Unnikrishnan, Akkarai Sisters and other top specialists. He has went with Bharatanatyam artists like Sri C V Chandrasekhar and Padmabhushan Sri V P Dhananjayan's. He has performed broadly in India and abroad and has directed a few workshops and address showings in India and in the US in the course of the most recent six years. Mr.Sreekanth joined SIFAS as a Mridangam senior mentor in June 2013.

Pick up Location : Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society 2A Starlight Road, Singapore - 217755

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Contact person: sifas
Phone no.: +65-656-299-5929
E-Mail: admin@sifas.org
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