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Mr. M.N. Seshadri Veena
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Mr. M.N. Seshadri Veena

SGD$ 165 rent/month

Mr. M.N. Seshadri - Veena: Mr. M.N Seshadri is a Vocal cum Veena artiste. He holds a postgraduate degree in Indian Music (M. Music) from Madras University and is a reviewed Veena artiste in all India Radio, Chennai. He has his underlying preparing in Veena from (Late) Mrs.A. Saraswathi and furthermore gained from her girl Mrs. Meenakshi Somasundaram, an "A" review artiste of Chennai All India Radio.He had his propelled level tutelage from Mrs. Kalyani Ganesan, (Retired Senior Lecturer from Tamil Nadu Govt. Music College, Chennai and 'A'- Top evaluated artiste of Chennai All India Radio) He has been a music educator in a private music school in Chennai. Mr Seshadri joined SIFAS as a Carnatic Vocal and Veena mentor in July 2016.

Pick up Location : Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society 2A Starlight Road, Singapore - 217755

Contact Information
Contact person: sifas
Phone no.: +65-656-299-5929
E-Mail: admin@sifas.org
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