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Modern Art - High Stakes For Rent
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Modern Art - High Stakes For Rent

SGD$ 1 rent/day
SGD$ 7 rent/week
SGD$ 15 rent/month
Deposit: SGD$ 10

Advanced Art Game Mayfair Games Going Once... Going Twice... Sold! Purchase your approach to distinction and fortune with Modern Art, the high stakes exhibition closeout amusement. Every player runs a display, picking which bits of craftsmanship to offer from the accumulation, and which pieces to purchase from different exhibitions. Offered on the correct one and toward the finish of the round you could come in the batter. Mix up a Pissaro for a Picasso and you could be in a tight spot and cash. Ideal for the Arm Chair Art Critic and additionally any individual who appreciates a quick activity, exceedingly engaging tabletop game. In Modern Art, players contend to pick up the most cash by purchasing and offering works of art at sales and exchanging them for benefit.

Pick up Location: Singapore 760451

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Contact person: renttycoons
Phone no.: +65-604-630-8283
E-Mail: fenni@renttycoons.com
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