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Mathematics Tutor for Hire
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Mathematics Tutor for Hire

SGD$ 40 rent/hour

I am currently awaiting matriculation into NUS Faculty of Science and I am intending to major in Applied Mathematics. I always had an interest in Math and have done well for Math at each level. The only tutoring experience experience I have is my younger brother, I tutored him for a year in Sec 1 and he mantained A1/A2 throughout the year. I was also involved in a peer tutoring programme in Victoria JC and helped my peers who were weak in Math. After I graduated from Victoria JC, while waiting for my enlistment into NS, I worked as a questions classifier at a tuition agency. I was employed to go through many guide books topic by topics and classify each question to a certain concept. I have confidence that I can tutor Primary and Secondary school students in Math well.

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Contact person: championtutor
Phone no.: +65 6522 2505
E-Mail: itutor@championtutors.com
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