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Maid For Hire - Ramesh Jothi
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Maid For Hire - Ramesh Jothi

SGD$ 400 rent/month

JOTHI is a new house keeper from Trichy. She is hitched and has two kids at 11 years old and 7. Her significant other is a painter. Jothi is a tailor in the place where she grew up for as long as 10 years. She can cook all south Indian dishes exceptionally well. She can deal with youngsters and also elderly. Jothi can do all broad family unit works perfect and flawless way. She is prepared to fly.

Pick up Location : 520 Sims Avenue,#01-02,Singapore 387580

Contact Information
Contact person: Net Maid
Phone no.: 65-6749-5870​
E-Mail: enquiries.smea@gmail.com
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