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Hire a Tutor for Mathematics
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Hire a Tutor for Mathematics

SGD$ 42 rent/hour

Hi, I am Chng Guo Wei and I have recently completed my National Service. Currently, I am waiting for enrolment into Nus Business School. For the past 1 year, i have been tutoring 2 secondary 4 express students in A,E mathematics and combined phy/chem. Both my students have managed to score a distinction in both A and E mathematics in the 'O' levels. On top of that, one of my students have moved from D7(when she was in secondary 3) to an A2 for her combined phy/chem for 'O' levels.

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Contact person: Championtutor
Phone no.: +65 6522 2505
E-Mail: admin@championtutor.com
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