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Hire Tutor for English, Science and Mathematics
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Hire Tutor for English, Science and Mathematics

SGD$ 18 rent/hour

I've always been a well-rounded student since my primary, secondary school and even poly days as I do believe in the proverb "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy". I believe in the teaching concept of slow guidance to ensure that the student will fully understand concepts and methods before proceeding as foundations are always the most important factor. By explaining in my creative way, the student will be able to understand and remember much more easily. I do encourage extra learning as it will definitely benefit the student. During my tutoring for a primary 5 English, I managed to help the student with poor vocabulary by constantly going over unfamiliar words, learn them, create sentences and lastly test him to ensure that he was able to grasp the full meaning of the words.

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Contact person: School of Tutors
Phone no.: +65 6612 9425
E-Mail: admin@schooloftutors.com
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