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Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel for rent
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Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel for rent

SGD$ 1,104 rent/day

Arranged on the banks of the notable Singapore River, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel offers a sentimental and nostalgic setting for your wedding. Envision the delicate stream breeze and the lilting hints of an established ensemble. Envision wonderful botanical accents and an exquisite wedding gathering. Envision weddings on the waterfront. A remarkable in the open air wedding scene, The Promenade offers a setting where you will trade pledges in an impractically dressed gazebo in the midst of quintessential fable setting, while your visitors go out on the town in an easygoing mixed drink gathering or a fine eating setting underneath the starry night.   A great 850 square meters, segment free Grand Ballroom with its towering six-meter-high roof and a one of a kind glass divider uncovering a perfectly finished garden and gazebo, is a most loved decision for a rich setting. Obliging up to 800 visitors in a mixed drink gathering setting or 650 visitors in a sit-down dinner setting, the Grand Ballroom's propelled sound and example enlightenment lighting capacities for wonderful mid-air impacts, permits you to plan an astonishing wedding presentation, finish with enhancements. lunch (from) - $SGD 1104.

Pick up Location :392 havelock road, singapore 169663

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Contact person: singaporebrides
Phone no.: 656-233-1199
E-Mail: weddings.gcw@millenniumhotels.com
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