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Family Business (Board Game) For Rent
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Family Business (Board Game) For Rent

SGD$ 1 rent/day
SGD$ 7 rent/week
SGD$ 15 rent/month
Deposit: SGD$ 5

Privately-run company takes swarm fighting to another level of double-crossing, vengeance, and general bloodthirstiness, which is the thing that makes it such an impact to play. Each player controls a "family" and plays different cards to off other players' relatives. In an amusement with this little structure, it's feasible for everybody to join forces against one unfortunate soul, or for the harm to be reasonably equally spread. In any case, the last family standing is successful.

Pick up Location: Singapore 760451

Contact Information
Contact person: renttycoons
Phone no.: +65-604-630-8283
E-Mail: fenni@renttycoons.com
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