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English Tutor for Hire
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English Tutor for Hire

SGD$ 25 rent/hour

For my strong points and qualities, I am meticulous in nature and will ensure that I cover every aspect of my student's requested subject, doing my best not to overlook any detail. I promise I will do my best to address every single one of my student's problems and weaknesses, so that he/she can be a better learner and student, and ultimately perform better in exams. Secondly, I am a logical thinker and will teach my student to not only absorb content in a clear and reasoned manner, but also to think systematically when dealing with questions. Thirdly, I am reasonable and friendly so I will do my best to get along with my student and build a cordial relationship with him/her, which is important as the student-teacher relationship greatly affects how much the student can learn.

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Contact person: championtutor
Phone no.: +65 6522 2505
E-Mail: itutor@championtutors.com
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