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Corsari For Rent
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Corsari For Rent

SGD$ 1 rent/day
SGD$ 7 rent/week
SGD$ 15 rent/month
Deposit: SGD$ 5

In I Go!, players draw and dispose of iteratively, endeavoring to enhance the nature of their hands. You can enhance your hand by framing a run (utilizing 1 or 2 hues), coordinating the top card of the "show" stack, or just keeping low values cards. After your turn, you can proclaim "I Go!" to claim that you have the best hand (least punishment focuses). Different players can then play off of your run, and the best hand scores a point. In the first place to 4 focuses wins.

Pick up Location: Singapore 760451

Contact Information
Contact person: renttycoons
Phone no.: +65-604-630-8283
E-Mail: fenni@renttycoons.com
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