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Chef Samia Ahad
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Chef Samia Ahad

SGD$ 107 rent/hour

An effective businessperson turned gourmet specialist and sustenance business visionary, moved on from the prestigious Institute of Culinary Education in NYC, worked in driving NYC eateries in 1980s (Quilted Giraffe, March Restaurant) Owner of the Coriander Leaf eatery and the Screening Room bar/relax, consolidating her affection for nourishment and film. Generally advanced, writer of cookbook, "Basically Samia", and 2 TV demonstrates including one on Asian Food Channel (Jul 2008) Chef Samia Ahad works in South Asian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking.

Pick up Location : 261 Waterloo Street, Singapore

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Contact person: Clubvivre
Phone no.: +65-65-6240-6806
E-Mail: hello@clubvivre.com
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