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Chef Matteo Pertoldi
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Chef Matteo Pertoldi

SGD$ 110 rent/hour

A basic designer and modeler via preparing, Chef Matteo has lived in Italy, France and Singapore. Other than his reviews and vocation taking a shot at notorious engineering ventures in the course of the most recent ten years, he has all the while been seeking after his genuine enthusiasm which is sustenance and accommodation. His dishes are established in the Italian and French conventions yet talk about the combination of societies, being affected by colorful fixings and differing cooking systems. He says Cooking is nearer to engineering than we could might suspect, they are quite recently extraordinary uses of aesthetic abilities and logical information, beginning from your experience of the world.

Pick up Location : 261 Waterloo Street, Singapore

Contact Information
Contact person: Clubvivre
Phone no.: +65-65-6240-6806
E-Mail: hello@clubvivre.com
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