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Chef Lino Sauro
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Chef Lino Sauro

SGD$ 56 rent/hour

Born in Sicily into an Italian family of farmers, Chef Lino still carries within himself his Southern Italian heritage. His pride in his social foundation is unmistakable from his adoration for crisp and natural sustenance. This reasoning reverberates well and really in his food. Today, Chef Lino is perceived as one of the top gourmet specialists in Singapore, gaining practical experience in Sicilian and Mediterranean nourishment. His food concentrates on reasonable fixings, with a kitchen dependably graced by a portion of the best regular fixings from Italy, and an amazing exhibit of crisp fish shamelessly in plain view to welcome his visitors at the eatery, Gattopardo – Ristorante di Mare.

Pick up Location : 261 Waterloo Street, Singapore

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Contact person: Clubvivre
Phone no.: +65-65-6240-6806
E-Mail: hello@clubvivre.com
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