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Chef Jihardi Bin Mohamed Amin
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Chef Jihardi Bin Mohamed Amin

SGD$ 73 rent/hour

Cook Amin Jihardi is an industry veteran of 19 years, filling in as both a gourmet expert de food and culinary mentor. Gourmet specialist Amin has been highlighted different circumstances in the Singapore People's Association magazine and has cooked in the Istana and in addition for different state occasions. His food is adjusted from customary Malay formulas passed on from his grandma, a perfection of flavors and flavors affected by local cooking in the Malay Peninsula, Singapore and Indonesia, consolidated with fine eating strategies.

Pick up Location : 261 Waterloo Street, Singapore

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Contact person: Clubvivre
Phone no.: +65-65-6240-6806
E-Mail: hello@clubvivre.com
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