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Bootleggers For Rent

SGD$ 1 rent/day
SGD$ 7 rent/week
SGD$ 15 rent/month
Deposit: SGD$ 15

It's January 1921. Forbid dance has been essentially for a year, and it would seem that the eighteenth Amendment is setting down deep roots. The issue, in any case, is that banning the "fabricate, deal, or transportation of inebriating mixers" hasn't effectively diminish the interest for alcohol! Subsequently, illicit stills speck the farmland and mystery (or not really mystery!) speakeasies are flying up all over in urban areas vast and little. Neighborhood law authorization may look the other way (particularly in the event that they're legitimately inspired) however Elliot Ness' G-Men are harder to persuade. With this much cash in question, composed wrongdoing is certain to take a premium.

Pick up Location:Singapore 760451

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E-Mail: fenni@renttycoons.com
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